Dark City

Photographed over four years, I wanted to capture London – normally illuminated by dull, grey daylight and teeming with people – transformed under the cloak of darkness. Garish street lamps cast deep shadows and silhouettes, with hues of pink, cyan and orange colouring the large format film. Meanwhile, the stage was now devoid of its human players and seemed to showcase the scenery’s forgotten beauty. So drained of its life and purpose, the motley built environment of my hometown appeared forlorn in the spotlight, waiting to be judged for its genius or folly, beauty or ugliness. Please see details of the book here.

“The smothering blackness operates here like an enchantment… Eckersley reveals what we see when our eyes are closed.” – The Guardian
“Shows the empty humanity of England’s vast metropolis at its most vivid and alluring… This gracious dereliction of the night that descends on the city is wonderfully manifested in this collection.” – Monocle
“There is in fact a whole other world to look at.” – Creative Review
“Eckersley is a photographer with a different perspective… He creates a vision of a city that is scarcely even recognisable as the London we identify with.” – Aesthetica